After spending some time in the city of Kassel, I realised the only thing I was photographing were little elements in the "backyards" of the Kassel city blocks. elements which gave these backyards their identity. I eventually used all these elements for a catalogue.

The most interesting thing for me was the contrast of these "backyards" with the frontsides of the blocks. The catalogue was my first design tool, the second one was a translation of what I had seen into a system. The image which I presented in my catalogue (SC-3001) was the inspiration for my system. The image strongly suggested an atmosphere of using each others roofs for a new space. The system is a abstaction of this theme. It's a system of elements. Elements forming a block. By pushing these elements something will happen on each side of the block. On one side you'll get an addition while on the other side you'll get an substraction.

This system could be used in several places, but had to be made site specific to function there.

There was never a thought that repetition would kill the design. The surprise in each design would always be present by the elements used to make it specific for the site.