The idea of this project is to design a public space that will atract people inside the area that we studied. At this moment there is nothing happening there but cars beeing parked and so the hole place looks very grey and silent. The exhibition place will be something that people will want to see, not only for its inside, but also for the exterior part. The volume that I made fits very well in this area, folowing the shape of the earth there. Nowdays, people are building boxes to live in, boxes to work in, boxes for everything. I also used a box to put in functions like a restaurant, a conference room, a bar with panoramical view and offices. The big areas for exhibiting are very much different, in exterior volume and also as interior space. They will create a different experience for each visitor. The building can receive its visitors coming from underground, from the commercial areas. Coming from outside people have to walk the stair and climb over the roof. They will experience the sightseeing of a beautiful landscape and when inside, they will find themselves in the same space as coming from underground. The two ways of entering are joined together inside.
An exhibition building will bring lots of "stories" in this place which will get now a life of its own.