Taking something out and analyzing the result. The outcome shows a strong and diverse line. The intervention area is understood as hybrid and accepted as such. It is not to be changed. The building aims at affirming the line, while exploring the new connection with the railway station and changing as less as possible the HYBRID character of the intervention area. The building touches the floor where necessary to create tension with the station and connects to it. The rest of the building allows the usual functioning of the area to occur freely. The top floor is used as public space. The building is used for artists ateliers, but it can also be used for exhibitions. The use of rotating walls, allows the different combinations of ateliers to create different spaces. There are 4 ateliers with double hight, 3 more with 2 floors. The last three have direct access to the public roof. Ramps access each atelier and do not interfere with the groundfloor. Closed fašade south, open north.