For this Documenta the inside of the block, now only used for parking, is transformed into a cultural square, which is shielded from the noise of traffic by the buildings surrounding it on one side. A new building, connected to the existing parking-garage, defines the other side. The square gradually FOLDs itself into fingers that reach over the new building. These concrete fingers are the construction for cantilevered volumes and spaces, which form the separate cinemas, without making the square smaller again. Because of keeping the construction on the outside, some of the cinemas can be linked together into larger spaces to be used for theatre, congresses etc. The square itself can be used for all kinds of performances or even projections on screens or surrounding buildings. When one enters the square one immediately sees the row of massive fingers, coming out of the square and FOLDing over the cinema. In the same way the square eases one up towards the entrances between the cinemas.